Casa Cahuita

Una casa extraordinaria construida en el Caribe sur de Costa Rica diseñada para el clima y el contexto caribeño con materiales naturales.  También cuenta con sistema de tratamiento de aguas grises con biojardinera, ecoinodoro y sistema de colección de aguas de lluvia.  La casa queda levantada sobre pilotes debido al alto nivel freático del terreno, permite mitigar el riesgo de inundacion y también facilita el acceso y mantenimiento de los sistemas mecánicas y eléctricas de la casa. 

Un comentario en “Casa Cahuita

  1. Bettina Gygax dice:

    Well .. what can I say .. I absolutely love this house!
    For me, it was an adventure to build a house and I was kind of afraid of what will happen, but Ayal and his team actually took away so much stress and worries and I will always be thankful for this.
    I learnt a ton of new things about sustainable building and as I saw the house grow, I truly fell in love. Those materials, the structure, the beautiful details made me want to move in as fast as possible, each time I was on site.
    Now that I live in this wonderful piece of art, I feel so much at home, sleep incredibly well and I am proud of having a house and a way of living that does not do too much harm to the environment. Never had a compost toilet before and I was really surprised how well this works and how much water can be saved. Also the biojardinera is not only doing it’s job, but looks wonderful with all those water cleaning plants that seem to like to work hard and grow kind of full of pride 🙂
    I still wander around the house very often and check out all these corners, materials, designs and admire the beauty of how all fits together perfectly.
    It feels so good to sit outside during the day or even work in my cool office from where I can oversee my entrance, the trees, the monkeys and the birds without having to worry about the heat giving me a hard time. Those walls really do their job and keep all nice, dry and cool .. just perfect. And honestly, all those natural materials provide nothing but good vibes!

    Thank you so much for helping me to get my dream house together and for teaching me so much! I will always be grateful and I deeply love the end result of all this hard work!
    pura vida

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